Who are we

Garra Rufa Hair & Beauty Centre / Garra Rufa Cosmetics

We are Garra Rufa Hair & Beauty Centre and are the exclusive distributor of the Garra Rufa Cosmetics skincare range. Garra Rufa Cosmetics delivers only to fish spa's, pharmacy, cosmetic shops and spa's.  We don’t supply to the consumer. An enthusiastic customer will also be a repeater at your salon. Garra Rufa Cosmetics offers you the possibility to start small-scale with a low entry order.

Our hair & beauty centre exists a number of years and we have experienced that the sale of a product range that complements the fish spa & beauty treatments is a real must-have for any salon. This allows you to increase your sales enormously. However a product range based on the Garra Rufa fish, which not directly carries the name and logo of the relevant fish spa salon, turned out not to be on the market yet. Given our enormous experience with building our own systems, the breeding of Garra Rufa fish etc., we have chosen for a professional partner to create together this high-quality skincare range based on the enzyme of the Garra Rufa fish. We are very proud of the end result!

Our team consists of professional staff who can provide you with advice to make your fish spa, pharmacy, cosmetic shop or spa a real success.