Free promotion material

Free Promotion Material

Garra Rufa Cosmetics has created a program for authorized dealers of Garra Rufa Cosmetics products. This program provides a variety of support to authorized dealers as well as dealer referrals to consumers on our website.

The authorized dealer can place one of the authorized online dealer logos on their website with a link to Garra Rufa Cosmetics that will verify the dealer is authorized by Garra Rufa Cosmetics. This provides factory credibility to your authorized dealer status and gives your customers added confidence when buying Garra Rufa Cosmetic products.

Garra Rufa Cosmetics will add the authorized dealer (including a link to the website of the authorized dealer) to our website on the page with our spa locator, so consumers know where they will be able to buy the Garra Rufa Cosmetic products.

How to place an authorized online dealer logo on the website:

Garra Rufa Cosmetics offers the following four authorized dealer logos.
The authorized dealer can choose which of the logos he wants to place on his website.
The authorized dealer can send an email to with his preferred logos.
Garra Rufa Cosmetics will reply the email including the preferred logos as well as an description how to place the logos on the website.