Garra Rufa enzyme

The Garra Rufa fish

The Garra Rufa fish (also called nibblefish, doctorfish, pedifish, Dr. Fish or Kangalfish) are originally from Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. In these countries the healing effects of the Garra Rufa fish has already been known for a very long time. The last years the treatment with the Garra Rufa fish have also been introduced in other countries, such as Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. Now this wellness raze has also reached the Netherlands and its surrounding countries.

The Garra Rufa fish grow in the hot springs of the thermal rivers and waters of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. They have developed a natural enzyme that is separated during the "nibble-process". This enzyme has a regenerating effect on skin conditions and a vitalising effect on the underlying skin. This makes these Garra Rufa fish so unique. They also call the Garra Rufa fish Dr. Fish or nibble fish, but actually the soft sucking of the fish feels more like sucking than nibbling. These Garra Rufa fish have no teeth. The sucking of the Garra Rufa fish feels like a reflexology massage in which the blood circulation is stimulated, stress leaves the body and the customer completely relaxes. The Garra Rufa fish life especially of dead skin cells, but also need to be fed twice a day. They cannot live of only dead skin cells.

The Garra Rufa fish is a sort of carp fish that can become 12 inches as it lives in the wild. However in an artificial environment such as in an fish spa the fish become about 4-5 inches, depending on the size of the fish spa and the number of Garra Rufa fish in the water. The Garra Rufa fish has an average life expectancy of five years. The fish lives in a water temperature of an average 25-35 degrees. The Garra Rufa fish live normally on the bottom where they engage with the aspiration of plankton on the rocks of the thermal waters around the city of Kangal in the Sivas region of Turkey. There the natural food source disappeared more and more by the bathing people in these hot springs. The Garra Rufa fish have discovered the dead skin cells of humans and so in turn, man has discovered the beneficial effect of this fish.

The three most important characteristics of the Garra Rufa fishes:

The Garra Rufa fish remove all the dead skin.
The micro-pulsed suction force causes a massage, stimulates your acupuncture points and activate your circulation.
The Garra Rufa fish separate an enzyme during the "nibble process". The skin that occurs is stronger and healthier than before.